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Development Components Service

There is a suitable solution for every technical problem!




There is a suitable solution for every technical problem!

Development of wine bottle holders

TeileHaus24 stands for construction and production of individual technical products and


Being experts in construction, we monitor the development process from its idea to the market-ready product.

In collaboration with competent partners, we manufacture components for our constructs or your drawings using materials such as steel, stainless steel, synthetics, wood and other special materials. We deploy a wide range of machines to process those materials; for instance 5-axle milling machines, CNC lathes, laser cutting machines, CNC folding presses and more.

By using two types of 3D printers (Zortrax M200 and Prusa i3 MK3) we are able to fabricate prototypes and models to scale, which provides you with a first impression of your product. You like challenges? We do too! We are aware, that no product and new project are the same. We want to see the fruition of your individual products and accompany you along the the way.

Let’s continue together and make it happen!

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You have the idea and we have the technical solution.

Idea development

We plan and design your product from the first
rough sketch to the CAD plans. We are in continuous dialogue throughout the
construction of your product.


Once the product is properly drawn and completed, we are able to start production with the support of a network of experienced partners within metal and plastics processing.


We produce not only individual components, but also complete units, which we then assemble for you entirely. Already during the fabrication process we ensure all components
are perfectly compatible.

Single-Unit Production

Brackets, adapters, strips, casings and other small parts – it’s not always possible to find the fitting part on the market. Sometimes it needs to be a one-off piece.

We produce that special single piece for you.

Small-Batch Production

You only need a small number of pieces? Unprofitable for big companies, but too many pieces to fabricate it on your own work bench at home? We can help you.

We produce small batches too.

Batch Production


Your idea hits the ground running and you are looking for a reliable partner to start batch production?

Ask us – we are well capable to produce large numbers too!


Order process for the realization of a construction

Preliminary talk

We are listening! You describe your problem at our first meeting, which provides us with a good impression of the problem.

Appointment on site

In order to concretise our task we will come toyou!

Draft and cost

We develop a concept and estimate the costs based on that. Once approved by you we can get started.

Status of the project

We will be in continuous dialogue about the progress of the project to ensure it matches up completely with your requirements.


We manufacture and assemble the product, if needed, with support from our partners.

Finished product

You receive your finished product or a solution for your original problem. Your unique piece.

Other services


PC- and network-service

Service for telephone systems


Ask us!




There are ideas out there, that just have to be implemented!

Don’t be shy, approach us, even if you have an idea or a (technical) problem, that seems unsolvable. We will always try to find an individual and affordable solution.

(+49) 0176 244 588 89